10 thoughts on “Alternate Universe or Dreamworld?

    1. Haha I was thinking the same thing! There would be a huge cross-over of ppl fleeing one for the other! Fat thighs would threaten the very fabric of space and time, as well as the very fabric of their yoga pants! Sounds like a great sci fi novel just waiting to be written!

  1. Haha! Smaller boobs and bigger thighs? This is an alternate reality πŸ™‚
    I’ve known a few women whose boobs kept getting bigger, but it wasn’t from working out.

  2. Good lord. Their bodies must be like tubes of toothpaste or something, huh? Squeezin’ it all from their hips into their chests… Oh my!

    1. I think some doctors do this already! But it’s not very successful. The fat doesn’t stay where it’s put. If they could get it to do that, we’re set!

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