8 thoughts on “Tick-Tock Tick-Tock TickTockTickTock!

  1. Hmmm. Just think of the communication problems of this union. “What time is it?” “About 270.” “Huh?” “What time do you want to eat lunch?” “True North.” “You don’t make any sense. Go outside and mow the grass.” “Compasses! Geez!”

  2. no functioning innards !!! jeeze … hahahahaha ,…. you’re funny … oh … sorry ! but seriously … those goddamned gutless compasses … they always know where to go but they’re never on time … !!

    now where was i ? oh ! … thanks lmg/jptsch. ks

      1. ” … once again ….?”, aw pshawww … i had to read your comment about innards twice before i understood so i had twice as much laugh stored up inside of me when the light bulb came on … that was a good one! yuk yuk …. it inspired me! (i’m NOT being sarcastic!) so jeeze …, thanks for reading my piece about Lake Magic …, it’s where i flew off to when i mentioned you in the title of the piece telling where i would be flying off to …

        on another note, if i could only figure out what that necklace, that keeps coming back, is all about … i might be funny but, i’m not that smart. thanks again …, it doesn’t have anything to do with pierre cardin, does it? ks

        1. I can’t figure out a lot of the symbols in my own life, either. It’s always easiest when it’s meant for someone else!

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